Naofumi Iwatani (岩谷尚文, Iwatani Naofumi) is a side character in Isekai Quartet who is introduced in the second season.

He is the main protagonist in The Rising of the Shield Hero series. After being transported in Isekai Quartet, he's now a student of Class 1.


He has short black hair that spikes in all directions. His eyes are green and he often wears a scowl on his face because of how he was mistreated when he was first summoned to another world.[1]

In the Isekai Quartet world, he wears armor, a cape, leather gloves, leather boots and a shield that is irremovable.[1]


He has a cold and rough personality. Due to his betrayal upon summoning in his world, he doesn't trust others easily and doesn't speak much. Though according to Raphtalia deep down he's a good person. One simply needs to be close to see it.[2]

He also has some bias on those who talk about Gods, though justified considering the Church of Three Heroes incident.[3]

He finds confusion when he's forced to join the other students, though he does his best to help them in dodgeball. Of course, he also shows to get a little too serious in such activities. He rarely laughs, as seen when he saw Raphtalia playing for the ketchup team.

Over time he starts becoming more chummy with the other students and smiling a bit more. During the School Festival, he reveals pleasure in the bad woman getting their just deserts. Having slight dark humor as well.


While fighting a monster his shield is replaced by the Mysterious button and the monster pressed the button, transporting him to the world of Isekai Quartet.[2]

After being separated, he searched the school for Raphtalia and Filo, (at one point, he missed Raphtalita when she was talking to Ainz and Kazuma as a tree was in the way).[2]

He manages to find Filo and Raphtalita and save them from a baseball hit by Mare.[2]

Somehow, Naofumi became part of the Student Health Committee due to having an affinity with healing magic. One day, he aided Vanir in the physical examinations of the two different classes' male students.

One day, Naofumi and his party saw a Class 2 student performing awkwardly in a craft store.

Powers & Abilities

As a Hero, he possesses great power not on offense; but on protecting, shielding, and healing. He has mastered his power, and is perfect with teamwork with Filo and Raphtalia. He has high defense.

Air Strike Shield: Creates a strong semi-transparent green shield in mid-air.[2]

  • Second Shield: Creates an additional Air Strike Shield.[2]

Shield Prison: Creates a cage of shields that can surround him or others.[2]

Wrath Shield: During the game of dodge ball, he blocks such an attack with it. In this state, his eyes turn red and has red markings appear over his body.


Raphtalia and Filo

Two of the only people he trusts and cares for, giving a rare smile to them. More than willing to defend them as the two also show happiness towards him. Raphtalia does state though he's a bit difficult to talk to.[2] He gives them valentine treats which made them happy and found amusement in Raphtalia joining the Ketchup Team in dodgeball. Though she found it ridiculous in him using his Wrath Shield during the game.

Wilhelm van Astrea

He is grateful for Wilhelm explaining his situation to him. William also feeling similar to Naofumi as he too recalled having the same 'eyes' like him before. Possibly hoping Naofumi can move on like he did.[2]

Class 2

He doesn't have many interactions with the class. However, he doesn't seem to mind them and aids them in their dodgeball game-though by force. Also finding their reason to be fighting silly. Still, he seems to get along fine with them after some time.


He doesn't find her trustworthy because she speaks of Gods, this doesn't help her much to Raphtalia's confusion.[3]


He doesn't seem to like her to much, though only because of their argument of what role is better, the Ugly Duckling' or 'Horses' during the School Festival. The two mocking each other for the others roles.

Ainz Ooal Gown

While they don't interact, Naofumi finds slight envy at Ainz being a horse in the school play while he's stuck as a Ugly Duck. Having dissatisfaction with his role.


  • He is considered to be a side-character unlike the other four, Kazuma, Subaru, Tanya, and Ainz.
  • Roswaal, Tanya and two of her subordinates called Naofumi by "Shield". On the other hand; Wilhelm van Astrea, Kazuma Sato, Ainz Ooal Gown, and Subaru Natsuki learned his actual name.
  • Like Kazuma Sato and Subaru Natsuki, Naofumi Iwatani was an Otaku who came to a fantasy world from Japan. Both teenagers did not have a chance to learn about it.
  • Like Ainz, he didn't die but was transported to another world.


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